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Setauket, NY 11733 
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About Shine Dance Studios in Setauket, NY

8 Reasons to Choose Shine!

  1. Dance studio with classes for all ages in Setauket, NYWe offer great dance classes starting at the age of 18 months, allowing your little one to begin to love movement and music at a young age and then letting them grow into beautiful dancers!  All our classes have a limited size so that your dancer gets the attention they need!  Our preschool dance classes have an assistant for extra visual help as well!
  2. Our studios are clean, bright and offer an excellent learning atmosphere. All classes can be viewed from our waiting room with our closed circuit TV. We also offer free wireless internet and cable TV in our waiting room. All of our studios have sprung floating floors with Marley dance covering for safe dancing. 
  3. Our teachers are professional, qualified and experienced adult instructors. We have been teaching for over 50 years combined! We have all studied dance at the university level and continue advancing our dance education with classes, workshops and teacher conferences.
  4. Our classes are FUN! We provide excellent dance instruction while learning in a fun way! We teach proper and age appropriate technique and moves.  We believe in teaching proper dance technique.
  5. Our performances are tasteful and enjoyable for all ages. Our June recital costumes include a t-shirt AND tights! All of our costumes are sewn and ready to wear! We offer a December Holiday Show and a June Recital.  All our shows are no longer than two hours. Every student who completes the dance year receives an end of the year trophy. Our recitals are clean and tasteful for the whole family.  Our costumes are age appropriate and music is enjoyable. 
  6. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to take dance at an affordable price. We offer work-study programs and scholarships for those who qualify. We also offer family discounts.
  7. Our Shine Team loves to perform in and around our community. They dance at parades, community events, nursing homes and more!  Our award winning competition team is a great way to have fun and improve your dance/performing skills. We also invite all our dancers, not just company students, to participate in community parades!
  8. We are all about our families and our community. We live here too!  We love giving back what our community has given us! We have in-studio charity fundraiser events throughout the year as well as donate to our local charities!


Dance classes in Setauket, NY

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